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About Us....

Rapid Smiles products are the result of our realisation and acknowledgement of the growing need and ever evolving demand for Clear Aligners and Indirect Bracketing in an increasingly digitized industry.

Simplicity by Rapid Clear is the result of a global search for a product that was not simply a great Aligner but it had to be supported by state of the art digital processing and delivery together with the highest standard of professional clinical oversight.  We believe we have found a quality product that ticks all those boxes.
Simply Clear Aligners offers our providers a Single Price Clear Aligner Kit  No Treatment Plan Fee;  App based Treatment Plan delivery and your Aligners are shipped in stages so changes during treatment and storage won’t be a problem. Our Aligners are pressure formed for a tighter fit with laser cut scalloped edges,  manufactured from BPA free material and the anecdotal evidence would suggest,  they are the “Clearest” on the market.
Our Clear Aligner service does extend to Rapid Clear  “Unlimited” Kits for more complicated cases.
Please enquire about our pricing for both the Simplicity and Unlimited Kits.  You will be pleasantly surprised.
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