Eliminate the guess work from Bracket Placement

Our state of the art computer aided treatment modelling couples with 3D printing technology and double layer bonding trays assures absolute precision in bracket placement and treatment outcomes.

Accuracy & Outcomes

Rapid Smiles Indirect virtually simulates the treatment from beginning to end, enhancing the precision of bracket placements so you can design a treatment plan that is targeted at outcomes not just initial setup.


The simplicity and ease of bracket placement offered by Rapid Smiles Indirect result in a significant reduction in Chair Time.

iOS/Android App

Our iOS App simulates an animation of bracket placement and provides predicted outcomes up front. You also gain access to our cutting edge software to view and make alterations to your case.


You tell us how you'd like the Bonding Tray segmented.


A comprehensive range of Bracket options.

Everything You Need

Rapid Smiles Indirect can supply cases with a complete range of incidentals

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Rapid Smiles Indirect Image 1.jpg